Sweet Child of Mine


And then she was hopping all over the place. Flynn held still, like he’d heard you should do if you’re ever in the path of a stampede. Some nature documentary, probably, not like advice told to him off the street.

Whatever Claire had set out to do, she evidently succeeded, and he nodded approvingly. Following the line of her arm, he pulled up a green wire and plugged it into the wall. Light erupted all around them—Christmas lights spiraled around the bedposts, dangled from the ceiling, and were even hidden among the blankets of the tent. It cast strange shadows on their faces as Flynn looked across the bed at her and said, “Cool.” Then, for a reason only he knew, he started laughing.

She had expected awe, amazement even but no. No he was laughing and she no idea why that could be. Was it weird? People had lights up in other places, in fact she got the idea from Sophie. Buuuut maybe she’d gone overboard or maybe he didn’t understand why they meant so much to her.

Or MAYBE she was once again thinking too much about it and he wasn’t laughing at her at all. She sat with her legs stretched down the length of the bd and waited until his laughter died down before scooting closer. The room still felt fuzzy but it was a good fuzzy and when she laid down and looked up at the “stars” it all felt very real and natural. “I tried to make them match the constellations they looks like - not that.”

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Livin’ on a Prayer


Flynn only grimaced. How could the day possibly get any more humiliating? She was right—making off with his wallet had grounded him better than any direct order from the Marshall ever could. In fact, he wouldn’t be surprised if it had been a set up by Bubbles in the first place. He always did come off as kinda shifty…

Then Claire was walking, his stuff in her basket. He couldn’t believe she’d offer to pay for him, especially with how well he’d demonstrated his notorious dickitry. “Your day off? And you’re still babysitting me.” He fell into step beside her—trying to think of an impressive way to recover from this embarrassment. “Well, next day off how about you let me buy you lunch?”

"Good pilots are few and far between," she answered with a wave of her hand as if that was all it was. "I take my job very seriously you know. I help people in my own way and make them feel better. It’s not the same as fighting but — I wouldn’t be a very nice person if I let you suffer."

Claire was a bit of an oddity in the shuttledome, more so than the others. Once you got passed the sad backstory that brought her (and everyone else) into it the comparisons ended. That was probably why at Flynn’s request she quickly turned it down. “You don’t have to do that,” she began while setting their things in front of the cashier. “You don’t have to pretend to be nice to me because you’re guilty or because I’m your sister’s friend. It’s fine just consider all this part of my job.”

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Emily Browning on discovering the God Help The Girl script and auditioning.
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I like shipping the cheerful one with the grumpy one

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PAPER/COLOR/BRUSH .08 by oanabefort on Flickr.

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god help the girl (2014) dir. stuart murdoch
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