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What if It Isn't Everything I Dreamt it would be?

ℳy name is Claire and I'm still getting used to that.

(Indie account for modern Rapunzel- will RP with anyone. Don't be afraid to say hi! Loosely based on OUAT/ Just ask what you want and I'll rp it.)



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At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.
— Frida Kahlo (via to-salsabeel)

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Sweet Child of Mine


Flynn surveyed the feast set out on the coffee table, gaze settling on the wine box and smirking.

"Not at all." That’s how he ate most of his own dinners these days anyway, either quickly in the car between work and the bar scene, or late on his couch, though his new cat made that somewhat more difficult.

He sat down and made himself comfortable. While it looked easy, it was actually carefully calculated—close enough that Claire wouldn’t think that he was going to make a break for it at the first opportunity, but far enough away that she knew he didn’t plan on any funny business.

The movies were considered with equal seriousness. He pulled a face at the British comedy—he couldn’t stand Europeans and their funny accents that were impossible to understand. And the buddy cop movie was one he’d seen probably a hundred times. So he tapped the third and final DVD. “Horror. No fancy dinner is complete without getting your pants scared off.”

Poor choice of words on his part, probably, he thought as he sank back into the couch, waiting for Claire to either agree or veto his choice.

"What is it with you and getting naked?" She laughed, taking absolutely no offence to his statement. Hopefully he didn’t find offence in hers either. It seemed more natural to eat here than a stuffy table she had overdressed. They weren’t at that level yet. They weren’t at any level.

Or maybe they weren’t at eating in front of the couch level.

How was it rated? How did you know when it was there? 

With Alan it had been instant. One minute they were strangers and the next she was at his home… literally.

As she placed the CD in a player that had obviously seen better days she found her place on the couch. “Anyway this one is great. It’s about these kids and they do this thing right? and then like BOOM! You know? Nah you don’t know you just have to watch it.”

Claire took little time in setting up the movie one hand on the remote and the other already digging in to her plate.

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hey you

*pokes ur cheek*

you sure are cute

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The biggest pizza for the weeniest person @smiling_for_money

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