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Sweet Child of Mine


"Oh." Of course. Why wouldn’t he just get on the bed? Why was he overthinking this? Why couldn’t he stop being an idiot for just one goddamn

Flynn stopped himself, because he’d end up getting stuck in it, and Claire was the one who was supposed to need babysitting. He took a moment to check and to make sure he didn’t have some inexplicable dirt on him that he might track on Claire’s bed, then cautiously climbed up to kneel on it a comfortable distance away. Not that it was a very big bed or anything, but he didn’t want them in each other’s laps.

"Uh, now what?"

"Okay okay okay okay," she repeated. Once he’d hit the bed it was like her black and white world had turned colorful and with some effort she stood on the mattress and began to throw blanket over blanket on the string she’d set up earlier. Although sporadic in theory, Claire had created a system that she knew would work and more than once picked up a blanket only to realize it was the blanket needed and dropped it back down. She walked over him a few times but when it was all set and down she dropped down onto the bed and sat cross legged at the end of the bed. She looked up expectantly and when it didn’t fall on them she threw her arm and shook them.

She had expected him to share in her dazed drunken enthusiasm but then realized she hadn’t shown him the best part.

"Connect the plug that’s over there next to you." she said with a point in that general direction I rp wel.

Livin’ on a Prayer


Well what a relief. Letting his hand drop, Flynn instead raised his eyebrows at her implication. “What? C’mon, like anybody could pull one over on me.” To prove his point, he patted his pocket, where the lump of his wallet usually rested… and found it empty.

The color drained from his face as he dropped his basket and fondled his other pockets and hiding places. Nope, no wallet. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he groaned. This wasn’t the first time somebody had run off with it either. Everybody wanted a souvenir from a night out with a famous Jaeger pilot, after all. The trouble was, it didn’t just have his money—it also had his ID badge, which he needed to get back into the base. It was replaceable, but Bubbles was going to give him hell.

He checked again, just to make sure. “This doesn’t normally happen either, y’know.” But the damage was done—the usually smooth and unshakable Flynn was a hungover, scatterbrained mess, and despite her promise, he wouldn’t be surprised if Claire made sure everybody on base knew about it.

She waited patiently for realization to hit and counted that a coincidence. Wallets were stolen all the time now, especially this close to the shatterdome. Most people could barely afford necessities and some resorted to stealing. The worse of it was that she couldn’t even blame them when it happened to her. Then again she was always too sweet she was told. His wallet was probably groped from him last night while he did who knows what. 

Claire bent down and picked the basket and his items from the floor and began to move them over to hers as his grumbling subsided. “I guess you won’t be partying for a while huh?” She tried to tease but perhaps it was too soon to ‘look back and laugh about it’. 

"Look it happened so might as well get you back and settled down. We can sneak you in and into a cot before anyone takes too much notice you’re missing. If you’re lucky we’ll have a calm day and you’ll be able to sleep it off. It’s also my off day today," not that he’d care so why even mention it?

"Aah ahem, well we should get these paid for before we have to wait for another shuttle."

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unbrxided wanted punz n eugene in these shirts. theyre also at disneyland i guess idk lol

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Livin’ on a Prayer


Crooked? Flynn looked around for something like a mirror—even though there was no reason there’d be one hanging in the middle of the god damn supermarket. He was stuck with feeling up his nose, a line of concentration appearing between his brows. It didn’t feel crooked…

He wasn’t sure to what think about the mousy girl in front of him having read his file. Unlike his sisters, or even himself, the file was (supposed to be) impartial, a list of facts and statistics and, like she said, his history. The painfully honest history, not the slight, celebrity-like legend he’d garnered since his promotion to the position of Ranger.

Claire had him at a disadvantage then, since Flynn didn’t know a damn thing about her. He was suddenly compelled to change that, though he wasn’t sure how to go about it. He certainly didn’t have the clearance (or computer know-how) to go and read her file. Well, there was always Sophie…

He still hadn’t said anything, just squeezing his own nose and frowning, so he finally replied, “Uh. Yeah.”

"I was kidding your nose healed fine." She wanted to test out of what Sophie said about her dear brother’s ego was true… and it was. He really did care a lot about that nose of his. Although an interesting read there was something to be said about looking at the man before her. He didn’t quite fit the description but the fact she’d left him speechless made that almost a moot point.

That proud smile of hers only grew and she tapped his chest lightly then spread her palm to rest there. “Your secret is safe with me.I promise doctor confidentiality. Whiiich is why I won’t tell anyone about this little escapade of yours.”

Her father probably wouldn’t agree but he had more important things to worry about anyway. 

"Gimme your stuff I’ll pay. For all you know you had your wallet stolen while you were cruisin for honeys or whatever.”

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Sweet Child of Mine


Too late, Flynn realized he probably should have offered to help, but Claire was managing fine on her own. She might have some difficulty counting all the stars, however, but that didn’t keep him from continuing to nod affably.

At her question, he shrugged after a loooong moment’s pause, hands once again both shoved in his pockets. “I was thinking that maybe the desk was more comfortable.”

Claire kept her eyes fixated on her features and drew a loooong ohhh sound before sitting up again. Whether he thought the desk was more comfortable or not meant absolutely nothing to her. “Okay but I need your help getting it up and stuff so I need you on the bed.”

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[ … ] someone - quite clearly visually impaired - told me that I looked like Anna Karina and I never needed another compliment ever again the end. (x)
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Emily Browning Instagram “Selfies

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